Upland believes that the foundations of a strong upstream company must be good hydrocarbon assets in the ground.
The Upland management team, together with the world-class specialists they have worked with over many years, have an enviable record of success in identifying, exploring, appraising and developing a wide range of oil and gas prospects, around the world.
Our management team has long, hands-on experience of negotiating deals with governments, joint venture partners, contractors and buyers of produced oil and gas. We are also well-versed in assessing the commercial viability – and risks – of potential projects and in running them after acquisition.
Upland benefits from the strong finance background of its management team. They bring expertise in raising finance for resource companies at all stages of their development from start-up to field development.
Crucially, Upland has access to the funds to enable it to implement its strategy in an effective and timely manner.